Monday, March 16, 2009

My Greeting, Greeting....

It has been 4 hours that I have been working to get my internet working. And here it is 11:30 pushing the deadline. Oh well such as life as a working mom. 
My name is Jeanette and I am 32. I have two great kids (both boys) 14 & 11. I am a Psychology Major, with a Minor in Women's Studies. I HOPEFULLY will graduate this December. I won't lie, I am tired and very burnt out from school. I started 6 years ago and haven't missed a semester except for maybe a Summer Session. 

My typical day is usually work, class, work, soccer mom running around, laundry, dinner, bedtime, homework. The bad thing is as soon as I turn on the computer I get sucked into reading. I am one of those surfers who will read something and then in that context something else will catch my eye, so I do some reading on that...and so on and so forth. I read ALOT of news, and usually the blogs that go along with it. I have to admit, I am one of those people who might have something to say to an article, but I try to keep away as much as possible because my postings usually hit a nerve with some, and not many can really have a good "blog" debate usually results to petty childish name calling & bashing. I do blog on myspace, but not so much what I might blog on here in public. I do feel that writing is an amazing type of therapy so what I would just feel the need to say maybe a little too personal for many. 

I don't have a specific blog that I read daily, but am looking forward to start looking for some that catch my eye. I think that this blogging thing is an amazing thing because it brings voice to what many feel they may have to be silent about. If something upsets you and you just need to vent or talk about it, you can't just stand in the middle of the road and start talking. Who would listen? They would call you crazy, psycho, and probably even laugh. So instead you get on the computer and just type away everything that is going on inside your head. So in turn, everyone now has the opportunity to have a voice. Women didn't used to have the privilege of saying how they feel, now we do. Here is how it can be heard not only nationwide, but worldwide. 

Happy Blogging....